We never entirely intended for the world of Skimp to be as large as it became, as it began with only a handful of us working on a small diorama of sorts. There were several unintended side effects of this collaboration for which I believe we are all extremely thankful. By the end of it, we had not created a trailer, but the foundation for a world, with only 10% of what we were actively working on appearing in the trailer. What began as two creatures and a set of rocks became an alternate universe with its own ecosystem, politics, religion, history, and was full of characters with their own trials and tribulations. A team of 4 quickly became 19, out of a mere desire to keep building upon what had been done. A total of a hundred and twelve pages of lore and history were written, hundreds of concepts and designs were drawn or sculpted, and we even went so far as to give our world a voice through sound and music. All of which in the beginning was accidental, and it became hard to decide when we should share what we were doing until recently. 


behind fiddler studio

Our team currently is mostly composed of classmates, as the majority of us have just graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In the few spare moments we had between classes within those last 4 and a half months--this project is what we were working on. Curtis Parker and Amanda Kessler however had been working on the project for around 8 months at the time this was written (8/4/2018). Upon nearing the completion of the trailer, many decided to keep building SKIMP and had no real intention of stopping. As we move forward in our careers as artists and designers, we hope to continue to share this piece of our journey with you and are always looking for people with the desire to collaborate with us.