gigas Polydactyl

Herm’s species, Gigas Polydactyl or “gigs” for short, are the native sentient inhabitants of the planet we have named Des6. An adult gig can grow to be a height of around 30 meters. Their race is composed of several thousand different clans. While having developed superior technology, its utility from a human perspective is underutilized. They lack traditional settlements and instead reside within vast temples filled with gardens of skimmers. It is unknown whether it is due to religion, culture, or for utility, but they see skimmers as the basis for their way of life.


I find it a bit odd putting Herm under the category of creature because he is by far the most developed character in the entire story. He took part in a rebellion against humanity amidst the collapse of U.T.E.C. He has since renounced his tribe and taken responsibility for the care of 6 human children who were orphaned amidst the collapse, and has been their caretaker for 10 years. When the children were younger he had constructed a makeshift house which he carried upon his back, in an effort to protect them from the sandstorms that frequent the planet. Technology was at one point produced in order to facilitate communication between humans and gigs but has since been lost, or is irreparable. Herm communicates with the orphans through a system of hand gestures and noises made with his sand filters.



"He came at last to a distinguishable sandstone outcrop where he had so carefully laid his piperod against the cliff face. He stopped about two paces from it and walked 10 paces to the right to a large rock. Beneath it he had hidden two large containers of water and a water condenser. Food sources were abundant enough, if not too abundant but water was not. He turned to find a pair of deep black eyes staring back at him, perched there between two enormous ears and a snarling mouth full of needles. The creature stood on two foot high spindly legs, and had its arms held tightly against its chest. His daughter had once called them Skimps, due to their uncanny ability to scavenge just enough to survive. Its head popped and jerked side to side as it attempted to decide if he was a threat or not.

He slowly let his arm fall to gently unsheath an axe holstered at his waist. The Skimp moved several paces closer, a movement driven by curiosity more so than aggression. His grip tightened around the handle of the axe, its parched leather being softened by the sweat of his palm. Alone they tended to be one of the more docile inhabitants of the planet, doing more creeping and stalking than anything. In their family groups, however, they were a terrifying adversary. This one had been mostly silent as the groups were quite social, so it was fairly safe to assume he was alone. It was much more plausible that I was just the first human he had seen, but it was better to keep a watchful eye on him. As he went to grab for the piperod, the creature darted away with several nervous hops as it clambered up the cliffside."


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